Justin, Caitlin & Lucas

Thanks for taking the time to check out our website! Together since high school, we’ve always dreamed of having a family. In 2019, that dream came true when we adopted Lucas. Now we are ready to further expand our happy family! We have an important relationship with Lucas’ birth mother and are open to exploring open adoption with you.

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Our Life


Justin loves: football • family boat rides • golfing • racing rc cars with lucas
Caitlin loves: ice cream • adventures with lucas & justin • hosting & planning parties • gardening
Lucas loves: playing outside • pizza • trucks • Mickey Mouse

Meet our dogs – Jack and Lulu!

They are both eight years old. Their favorite things to do are go for a walk, play catch and EAT!


Justin, Caitlin & Lucas!


hard working, dedicated husband, loving father, and business owner

Justin is an amazing father to Lucas, rather it be racing RC cars in the neighborhood, swim lessons, or tucking him into bed, he is always there. His schedule is very flexible, which is perfect for spontaneous camping trips or family days! I have truly enjoyed watching him become a father, and cannot wait to see him with our future children!


kind, adventurous, caring mama, and total “people person”

Caitlin is the most loving person and would do anything for anyone. She grew up in a big Italian family and has enjoyed carrying on those traditions with Lucas. She is patient, always the “fun” one, ready for adventure and looking for ways to do things as a family. Caitlin works in the banking world and loves being able to help her clients.

OUR JOURNEY TO NORTH CAROLINA Justin joined the Marines and when Caitlin followed, we began building our family. We’ve found a love for the beaches, the mountains and the whole state of NC!


loves being outside, big trucks, the beach, Mommy and Daddy!

Planting flowers

In the neighborhood, we are the “get-together house”. Our neighborhood is very diverse and we are open to adopting a child of another race!

We have truly made our house a home over the years – and a place where neighborhood kids love to gather! One thing that makes our neighborhood unique – there are three adopted children, just on our street! We love to have cookouts, and throughout the year, there are other get-togethers like “Friendsgiving”, Halloween carving parties, and Easter egg hunts.

Our first family trip to Disneyworld.

We have a huge backyard with a swimming pool.

I’m training to be a big brother!

Our neighborhood is like a little family.

Our promise:

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We promise to give our children the best life, filled with happiness, love and lots of memories! We will guide them through life, and always support them! We cannot wait to expand our family through adoption again!

Justin & Caitlin

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